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PART NO:14220036

Name: Fly Wheel Kits

Alloy clutch plate1.6g--------------6PCS
 Clutch Nut 4g--------------------------1PCS
 Tapered Core-AL---------------------1PCS
 GuIde Fly Wheel(Black)------------1PCS
5mmx8mmx0.2mm Washer-------2pcs
 3mmx4.65mmx0.2mm Washer---2pcs
 CNC Washer-----------------------------1pcs
 M3X8MM Screw------------------------ 1pcs
clutch spring 1.0mm x3
clutch spring 1.1mm x3

Use matters needing attention:
Aluminum alloy clutch plate
When a brand-new Aluminum alloy clutch plate,was used from the very beginning it was asked to surrender the low speed by engine revs. (Goes approximately 60CC) and so the clutch plate and the CLUTCHBELL contact completely, then let engine run with normal work. (Must fall to the ground travel)
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