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PART NO:94500026

Name:2023 PR SB401-R 1/10 Electric 4wd Off Road Buggy Kit (Centre Slipper/Diff Version) (1)
ITEM NO:77500296
Name:2023 PR SB401-R 10TH Electric 4wd Off Road Buggy Kit
                 ( Centre Slipper/Diff Version)
A number of key components have been totally redesigned to produce a
better handling and more forgiving car to drive. The main focus has been on
the all new narrow 2.5mm chassis and plastic side-pods which utilizes
a carbon fibre reinforced spine to control torsional and longitudinal flex. The
additional flex has proved to increase grip, and make the car feel more
balanced and easier to drive leading to faster, more consistent laps.
Hard anodized 2.5mm Narrow chassis with side-pods
Plastic/carbon chassis spine with CNC alloy bulkheads
Alloy/Carbon floating servo mount
Type R ultra-low CofG Body
New stronger/quieter pinions and ring gears
New vented slipper assembly with ultra-hard shafts
and cups for long life
Top loading slipper/centre diff mount for easy access
Longer diff cups to allow for more droop
Suspension and Steering
12.8mm 2023 Type R shocks (Smooth Coated)
Suspension hangers with inserts for toe and anti-squat adjustment
Revised Ackermann geometry for improved steering feel
8 Degree CNC caster blocks
CNC alloy rear hubs
Hard wishbones
New shorter black ball cups
New high tensile steel turnbuckles
Type: 1/10th 4wd Off Road
Power Source: Electric
Wheelbase:287mm (variable)
Gear Ratio: 2.6:1
Weight:1680g-1720g race ready (varies)
Hardware: Full metric
Bearings: Sealed Metal Ball Bearings
Wheels:12mm hex
Kit: Assembly required
Items Required to Complete
2 Channel surface frequency radio s system
2S LiPo battery & compatible lipo charger
1/10 ESC, motor & pinion gear
High Speed Servo
1/10 tire and inserts
Tools paint for polycarbonate body, tire
Glue , threadlock
Silicon diff and shock oil
#PART NO:94500026
Name:2023 PR SB401R Upgrade Kit Parts
PR RACING Official Announcement: The new 2023 SB401R will be the smoothest and fastest SB401R yet. Improved performance once again, raising the bar for on track performance. Just 6 new parts will lead the way for this performance increase. Most notably, the super smooth coated shock bodies are in the kit.
Above is the 2023-SB401R conversion kit for 2022.#
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